Past Meetings

October 29, 2012
9:00am - 5:00 pm
Held at Sacramento New City Hall Council Chambers 915 I Street-First Floor Sacramento, CA
Meeting Files:
Approved Minutes of the October 29, 2012 Meeting
LIOB Meeting Agenda

Meeting Handouts:
Item 9. Lifeline Telephone Program Update
Item 11. Highlights of Upcoming Activities
Item 8. Ruiz Strategies Presentation
Item 10a. IOU's Contractor Selection Process
Item 10b. IOU's Planned Studies Update
Item 10c. IOU's Workforce Education & Training Tracking Requirements
Item 10d. IOU's Energy Upgrade CA-MFEER Contractors
Social Vuln to CC in CA
MITI - EJ & NCPM Martinich 2011
Climate change vulnerability report_ASTHO
Social Vulnerability and CC- Synthesis of Literature
Item 5. Water Utilities Presentation