Past Meetings

Low Income Oversight Board Meeting

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

10:00am - 4:00pm
Sacramento City Hall
915 I Street
First Floor - Council Chambers
Sacramento, CA 95814
Office of Governmental Affairs - Bills of Interest to the LIOB 31517
Item 5. Final Draft Meeting Minutes of the 11-22-16 LIOB Meeting
Item 6. LIOB Training 2004 AGs Handy Guide to Bagley-Keene 31517
Item 6. LIOB Training Bagley-Keene Simple Guide - Final 31517
Item 6a Resolution E-4095 Adoption of revised LIOB Charter 6-7-07 LIOB Meeting 31517
Item 8. Water Utilities' Current Issues
Item 10. PGE Presentation LIOB 31517Final
Item 10. SCE Presentation LIOB 31517 FINAL
Item 10. SCG Presentation LIOB 31517 FINAL3
Item 10. SDGE Presentation LIOB 31517 final
Item 11. TEAM and CHANGES LIOB presentation 03152017 FINAL
Item 12b. Formation of Technical Advisory Committee
Item 12b. Recommendations for LIOB Resources