Past Meetings

Low Income Oversight Board Meeting
10:00am - 3:30pm
Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

El Cerrito City Hall
Council Chamber
10890 San Pablo Avenue El Cerrito, CA 94530

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Meeting Files:
LIOB Flyer
Final and Approved LIOB Agenda 030619
Item 3. FinalDraft LIOBmeetingminutes 120518
Item 4. CETF Draft Letter to IOUs Draft Dec 2018 LIOB030618
Item 4. CETF Proposed letter to the CPUC on Utility Broadband Outreach Dec 2018 LIOB030619
Item 6. EBMUD Customer Assistance Program LIOB030619
Item 7. Joint Report from the IOU's
Item 7. PGE's LIOB Presentation 030619
Item 7. SCE's LIOB Presentation 030619
Item 7. SDGE LIOB Presentation 030619
Item 7. SoCalGas' LIOB Presentation 030619
Item 8a. Low Income Water draft_report_ab401 LIOB030619
Item 8a. Low Income Water Report draft_appendicies_ab401_report LIOB030619
Item 8b. Clear Directive and Deadlines from ED to the IOUs on Coordination with CSD on LIWP Leveraging 021219
Item 8b. CSD MF Letter to CPUC Challenges Implementing CSD-IOU Leveraging Directives 010419
Item 11a. CPUC Legislative Update LIOB030619
Item 11b. Water Utilities' Current Issues LIOB030619
Item 11b. Water_Utility_Low_Income_Paper_CPUC_Kahlon
Item 11c. Energy Division Updates
Item 11d. California LifeLine Presentation LIOB March 6 2019 in El Cerrito
Approved Minutes of the 030619 LIOB Meeting Approved on 062419