Past Meetings

Low Income Oversight Board Meeting
10:00am - 3:30pm
Monday, June 24th, 2019

City of Compton
Council Chamber
205 S. Willowbrook Ave., Compton, CA
Phone: 1-866-630-5989
Access Code: 33 62 110#

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Meeting Files:
Public LIOB Flyer062419
Final LIOB Meeting Agenda LIOB062419Rev
Item 3. FinalDraft Minutes of the 030619 LIOBMeeting LIOB062419
Item 6a. Clean Energy Access Working Group LIOB Presentation062419
Item 6c. TEAM and CHANGES Presentation LIOB062419
Item 7a. Legislative Update
Item 7b. Water Utilities' Current Issues LIOB062419Revised
Item 7c. Energy Division Updates LIOB062419
Item 8. Joint IOU's Report of CARE and ESA
Item 9a. Letter to the Commissioners from the LIEAP Subcommittee Re the ESA Program Post 2020 Decision LIOB062419
Item 9a. LIEAP Subcommittee Summary on the ESA Program Post 2020 Decision LIOB062419
Item 10. Technical Advisory Committee TAC Presentation
Approved Meeting Minutes of the 062419LIOB Meeting - Approved at the 091619LIOB Meeting