Past Meetings

Tuesday February 23, 2016

10:00am - 4:00pm
Held at California Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Ave. - Auditorium - San Francisco, CA 94102

To Access the Video Webcast of the LIOB meeting, please visit:
Meeting Files:
2-23-16 Final Agenda of the LIOB Meeting rev.doc
Approved Meeting Minutes of the 2-23-16 LIOB Meeting - Approved at the 7-20-16 LIOB Meeting
PGE Rate Reform Presentation EnBanc LIOB22316
SCE Rate Reform Presentation EnBanc LIOB2232016 rev
SDGE Rate Reform Presentation EnBanc LIOB 22316
Item 8. Water Utilities' Current Issues
LIOB Meeting Packet
Item 4. Final Draft Meeting Minutes of the 10-29-15 LIOB Meeting
Item 7. Legislative Update
Item 9. Highlights of Upcoming Activities for LI Energy Programs
Item 9a. Update on the Low Income Needs Assessment
Item 12. SoCalGas CARE ESA Participation and Expenses
Item 12. SCE CARE ESA Participation and Expenses
Item 6. SB 350 Overview for LIOB 02232016
Item 12. SDGE CARE ESA Participation and Expenses
Item 14. TEAM and CHANGES LIOB presentation
Item 12. PGE CARE ESA Participation and Expenses
Item 10. Public Purpose Audit Program Overview
Item 10. Public purpose program audit rubric
Item 11. California Emerging Technology Fund Presentation
Item 16. Subcommittee - Emerging Issues-Climate Change