Past Meetings

August 21, 2013
10:00 am - 4:00pm
Held at Sacramento New City Hall 915 I Street-First Floor Sacramento, CA
Meeting Files:
LIOB Meeting Agenda
Approved minutes of the August 21, 2013 LIOB Meeting

Meeting Handouts:
Item 4. Draft Meeting Minutes of the 5-16-13 Meeting
Item 11c. SoCalGas Marketing & Outreach Efforts
Item 11b. IOU ESA Homes Treated
Item 11b. IOU CARE Participation
Item 10. Water Utilities' Issues Revised
Item 8. California LifeLine Presentation
SDGE_Ethnic Owned Media follow up on spend w ethnically owned media 8-27-13
Item 11c. SDGE Marketing & Outreach Efforts
Item 6. Energy Division's Highlights of Upcoming Activities
Item 11c. SCE Marketing and Outreach Efforts 2013-August-21 LIOB
Item 11a. IOU ESA Studies Update
LIOB Meeting Packet 8-21-13
Item 5. Residential Rate Design
SDGE Ethnic Media follow up 8-27-13
Item 10a. Update on Census Data Track
Item 11c. PGE Marketing and Outreach Efforts